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Working with Jamie helped me change my relationship with food. When we started my relationship with food was a tangled mess of fear, shame, deprivation, empty declarations (I will never eat Cheetos again!), and overeating.  It was a constant, tiring, daily battle. Today I have a healthy relationship with food. I have ice cream in my freezer that’s been there for over a month- unheard of before meeting Jamie! Through Jamie’s patience, creative problem solving and incredible knowledge of nutrition I learned to listen to my body and have a healthy relationship with food. Eating is pleasurable now! Learning to trust my body was a long journey and I’m so thankful to Jamie for all of her guidance and nutrition counseling along the way.

Kathryn Franck, Teacher


Jamie helped me to totally transform the way I think about food and my body. Before working with her, I struggled with what I “should” or “shouldn’t” eat, restricting my diet, then binging on foods that I missed out on. Jamie helped me to center myself and consistently ask “What do I want to eat right now? Am I hungry?” She also taught me that it’s OK to enjoy the abundance of food that is out there, which now to me means both kale and cookies. I struggled with diet and weight for so long, thinking that I was too fat and I need to be skinny. But I learned from Jamie that once I pay attention, use intuitive eating, that my weight and my body will naturalize to what it’s meant to be. She also helped me with my nutrition, helping me to get more protein in my plant-based diet, and to get more micro-nutrients in to support my overall health. And, her recipe tips are always on point. Now that I’ve worked with Jamie, I love my perfect, beautiful body and the food that I eat.

Maria Gurriero


How wonderful it is after all these years to embrace my body rather than battle it. I am so grateful I met Jamie and am appreciative of all she has taught me about taking power away from food, eating intuitively, and learning how to listen to what my body needs. I actually love to get my photo (whole body!) taken now. What a change. Thanks Jamie!



I was diagnosed with PCOS 8 years ago and I have struggled with my health and weight ever since. In that time, I have met with internists, women’s health specialists and many doctors.  Each told me the same exact thing.  I needed to eat less and exercise more.  Despite following everyone’s advice nothing seemed to work. I was exhausted, my brain was foggy, my joints ached and my weight continued to climb.  Within days of working with Jamie, I noticed serious changes taking place with my body.  My energy was restored, I started sleeping better and my aches went away.  After the first week co-workers began asking what I was doing- my skin was glowing and the puffiness in my face had gone away. By week two, I started getting comments about my weight loss.  By week three, I felt better than I have in years!  Not to mention I had lost 12lbs.  It turns out that I have food allergies that had been contributing to my health condition. I only wish I had known these years ago.  Jamie’s program helped me identify the right foods for my body and I finally feel like I can get my life back.   I would just like to thank you so much.  Thank you Jamie!

Christina Carner, College Admission Counselor


Meeting with Jamie, HealthFull Nutrition, was extremely beneficial in helping me reach my goal.  She introduced me to a new way of thinking about food, making good choices and breaking old “dieting” habits.  This isn’t about dieting and deprivation, but realistic changes that will last a lifetime.  Thanks Jamie!

Brandi Ellsworth, Owner of SpitsNGiggles


Jamie does not prescribe a generic diet, rather she provides personalized nutrition guidelines to support satiety, better health, energy and a sustainable weight. She takes time to strategize around the behaviors and ways of thinking that often sabotage our efforts. She is the coach and dietitian everyone should have in their life.

Beck Ellis, Personal Trainer & Physical Therapy Assistant


Jamie has a strong knowledge of nutrition as well as a unique skill in helping people to move through obstacles so that they can achieve their goals.  Her sound perspective on issues and her integrity in all areas are exemplary. One of the things I appreciate most about Jamie is that she can always be trusted to listen empathetically and then provide honest, insightful and empowering feedback.

Heidi A. Schultz, RD, Director of Legislative Issues, Oregon Dietetic Association